SAMHSA & NASADAD Annual Meeting | July 13, 15, and 17, 2020

A State-Wide Program Launched in just 10 Days

Department of Health and Human Resouces, Office of Drug Policy

CHESS Rapid deployment Model


WV Press Release

Program Website

Provider Communications & Enrollment

Consumer Communications & Enrollment

Web Training

Launching a State-Wide Electronic Referral Network

Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Phased Model Roll-out

Including Detox providers, Residential providers, OP/IOP providers, MAT providers, Prison Diversion, County jail, Count district attorney, Drug Court programs, Family advocacy, Hospital emergency departments, Department of Health (in process), Perinatal (in process)


Phase One: Women in Recovery prison diversion program

Phase Two: 7 providers – eRecovery patient engagement

Phase Three: Over 20 providers and expanding – eRecovery and eIntervention patient engagement 

Read the Case Studies


West Virginia Case Study       Oklahoma Case Study

The CHESS Health Impact


Keep patients engaged

Keep patients in treatment

Reduce no shows

Take advantage of scarce resources with successful referrals/arrivals