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CHESS Health supports the work of SUD treatment providers to increase patient retention, improve outcomes, and capture more referrals.

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Increase retention and improve outcomes with eRecovery

Our eRecovery solution, encompassing our evidence-based Connections app, provides individuals with 24/7 support to sustain and strengthen their recovery between outpatient visits. Clinical trials and customer implementations have found that individuals with the app were more likely to make their next appointment and stay in treatment. Their long-term outcomes are better too; health plans and others have measured lower rates of return to a higher level of care (detox, residential, inpatient) among those with the support of the app.

Providers can realize these benefits with little (perhaps zero) staff effort. In an era of staffing challenges, CHESS Health helps providers deliver more support, retain patients, and deliver better outcomes with minimal effort.

We also offer CBT for Recovery programs to reinforce the coping skills for recovery success. These include return-to-use prevention and other strategies you may be working on with patient.

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Capture more referrals with eIntervention

With eIntervention, SUD providers get a web-based platform for establishing digital, closed-loop referral connections with community referral sources, such as EDs, clinics, community organizations, correctional facilities, and others, and to coordinate services with other providers and agencies in the community. Not only are referrals automated and tracked, but the integrated patient engagement functionality within eIntervention also supports and motivates the individual to follow through on the referral. CHESS Health customers report more referrals and fewer no-shows following the use of eIntervention.

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