A solution for secondary prevention activities encompassing provider and community-wide screening to identify individuals at-risk and to offer evidence-based interventions with the goal of reducing the onset of Substance Use Disorder.

Improving SBIRT

ePrevention improves upon the clinical practice of SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment) by:

  • Enabling more screening to occur across a community
  • Offering self-screening for better results
  • Delivering more and better interventions
  • Facilitating closed-loop referrals to treatment

More and Better Risk Screenings

Common issues with current prevention efforts include too few individuals being screened for substance use, clinicians not asking screening questions well, and individuals not being honest when asked about their substance use.

ePrevention enables screening to occur community-wide through schools, employers, clinics, mobile response teams, and through websites. Individuals do the screening anonymously and online through a web link, which research studies have shown elicit more honest answers than in-person screening.

Rules-based and Evidence-based Interventions

Prior to ePrevention, individuals reporting a high consumption of alcohol, indicative of risky use, would likely receive a very brief intervention. Perhaps as short as “don’t drink so much.”

With ePrevention, the same individual would be offered a series of evidence-based interventions customized to the individual and the situation and triggered by customer-specific rules. These interventions fall into the following categories:

  • Feedback on their screening answers and comparative norms
  • Content for them to read, both immediately and saved for later access
  • Online tools
  • Option to chat with individuals with lived experience

Preventative Feedback Tool

CHESS Health has partnered with San Diego State University to integrate their evidence-based preventative feedback tool, eCheckup, as one of ePrevention’s rules-triggered smart interventions.

eCheckup uses probing questions and comparative norms feedback to help an individual think differently about their use of substances, increase their willingness to change, and to learn strategies for reducing their use. Multiple research studies have demonstrated the tool leads to a reduction in risky use of substances, including in studies involving adolescents and young adults.

Referral to Treatment

In the event an individual’s answers indicate they would benefit from a clinical evaluation or treatment, ePrevention seamlessly facilitates referrals to a provider through CHESS Health’s eIntervention platform.

Treatment providers can embed ePrevention screeners into their website and receive self-referrals from individuals and family members.

Support for Family Members

With ePrevention, organizations and communities can offer education and support to the family members of individuals struggling with their use of drugs and alcohol.

Family members can be guided through a questionnaire regarding their loved one’s use of substances and readiness for change and then be offered feedback, education, and local resources (including referrals) to help them help their loved one.

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