Closed-loop referral solution with peer engagement to connect individuals with substance use disorder, mental health, and SDOH services.

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Only 20% of the 20 million Americans with SUD seek treatment. Barriers to care may be personal—for instance, a patient’s reluctance to seek treatment—or systemic, as it is often difficult for healthcare providers to refer patients to the most beneficial programs.

  • Healthcare providers who are poorly equipped to screen for, address, and refer for substance use—making effective SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment) unachievable.
  • Programs and providers tasked with addressing other urgent health goals in addition to reducing SUD.
  • The ongoing stigma and shame many substance users face.
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To increase access to treatment, CHESS Health has created a proprietary system to facilitate closed-loop referrals—resulting in fewer patients getting “lost” in our healthcare system. Referring providers (such as an emergency department, an inpatient facility, or even a First Responder) can identify the appropriate level of care for each individual’s needs, send a referral electronically, and track dispositions and outcomes automatically.

CHESS also offers an app to patients and their loved ones, even before treatment begins—increasing motivation, breaking down resistance to treatment, and providing a mechanism for providers to engage in secure messaging.

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