Scientific evidence is at the heart of CHESS.

In clinical trials and in provider implementations, individuals using the Connections App had more treatment services, completed IOP treatment 20% more often, and were 30% less likely to drop-out early from OP treatment.

A Medicaid MCO did a retrospective claims analysis comparing members who used Connection App and found these members were 2.9x less likely to incur a readmission to a residential/inpatient level of care than members – the resulting cost of care savings averaged $278 per member per month.

Using the app for longer than 30 days correlates to a 40% reduction in risk factor measures (difficulty sleeping, relationship troubles, struggle with cravings, etc.) measured through weekly patient assessments.

Our platform was co-founded by University of Wisconsin professor David H. Gustafson, PhD, who developed the “ACHESS” smartphone app and validated its effectiveness in multiple studies. We have since added a partnership with Yale School of Medicine professor Kathleen M. Carroll, PhD, with the goal of commercializing her innovative, clinically-validated online programs for sustained recovery.

The body of evidence supporting the efficacy of the CHESS Health platform also includes results and case studies from customers who have implemented our solutions.

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles Featuring CHESS Health Technology

CHESS Health Implementation Results and Case Studies

Matthew’s Hope

Matthew’s Hope implemented the Connections App as part of the eRecovery solution from CHESS Health.

Marietta Municipal Court

The COVID-19 pandemic created significant challenges for those struggling with addiction.

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