Learn how Valley Hope has increased access to care, reduced relapse, and improved patient-provider engagement and business outcomes with the CHESS Health recovery solution including Connections.

Enhanced Recovery Support to Enrich Treatment Outcomes and Boost Business Success

Valley Hope forged a partnership with CHESS Health back in June 2019, harnessing its eRecovery solution to equip clinicians with user-friendly tools for patient communication and progress monitoring, alongside round-the-clock peer recovery support. As time progressed, Valley Hope officials saw that CHESS Health’s tools offered a significant opportunity to enhance long-term engagement.

Since the launch of CHESS Health’s eRecovery program, over 2650 patients have been onboarded to the Connections app, offering continuity in individuals’ recovery journey through the various transitions of care. The Alumni Community at Valley Hope is pivotal to providing continuous recovery support for program graduates and their families. By incorporating the evidence-based recovery support app Connections into their eRecovery solution, Valley Hope has strengthened patient relationships and encouraged continued engagement post-treatment. By leveraging this app early in treatment, patients establish a routine of utilizing its resources throughout their recovery journey, offering crucial continuity during care transitions. This approach empowers patients to take charge of their recovery journey, engage with peers, and contribute positively to each other’s progress, fostering a sense of camaraderie and support beyond the confines of residential care. Additionally, this partnership has reaped business benefits in the way of safeguarding revenue and cost savings.

Key Findings.

  • Increased treatment completion rate
  • Higher daily confidence
  • Revenue protection
  • Time and cost savings for staff

Read the case study to learn how eRecovery has enriched treatment outcomes and boosted business success at Valley Hope.