eRecovery’s Rewards Module – Automation for Contingency Management

Dashboard and App to Reward Patients with Ease

Motivate patients to change behavior with rewards. 

Contingency management has been shown to positively impact SUD treatment outcomes. The Rewards module, now available in eRecovery, reinforces positive behavior change by offering motivational incentives to individuals for desired outcomes – such as drug abstinence, completion of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) lessons, or treatment adherence.

Why Consider Contingency Management?

Effective for many patients. Rewards incentivize individuals remaining on their treatment plan and in recovery. A rewards component may be especially beneficial among people with disorders that have no proven effective medication treatment. 

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About CHESS Health

CHESS Health is the leading digital health company focused on Substance Use Disorder (SUD). CHESS Health partners with healthcare providers, community organizations, state and local government, and health plans, to help more individuals enter treatment for substance use disorder, improve patient retention in treatment, reduce the risk of relapse, and lower the overall cost of care.

Automate with eRecovery’s Rewards Module

CHESS Health makes contingency management easy. Our eRecovery solution includes an integrated rewards module that automates every step in rewarding patients – and tracking rewards – so that providers can implement contingency management with ease and confidence.

Providers can design a custom rewards program (or CHESS Health can help you design a program) that fits your treatment goals, environment, and budget. All the program rules, reward triggers, amounts, and budget, are loaded into eRecovery. Reward programs can be:

  • Recurring, with payments intended to be daily, weekly, etc., or one-time
  • Paid to a reloadable debit VISA card or one-time to digital gift cards
  • Limited to a per-patient maximum and a program maximum
  • Available to all patients or a subset of patients

Once setup, rewards for clinic events, like attendance and negative urine drug tests, can be paid with a click of a mouse through the CHESS Dashboard, and/or rewards can be earned by the patient through use of the Connections App.

Rewards Paid to Debit Visa Card

Patients want money. The evidence is strong – money is the best reward. Patients are motivated to earn money more than any other reward type.

Providers don’t want to manage cash. Your CFO and your front-line staff don’t want to use cash to reward patients – it introduces a variety of challenges.

With eRecovery, rewards are paid to reloadable debit VISA cards – patients get money and providers get simplicity and security.

Contingency Management Reporting

Rewards paid error-free, every time. The first rule of contingency management is no mistakes allowed – the behavior change won’t work if the rewards aren’t paid when earned and the wrong behaviors can be reinforced if rewards are paid when they shouldn’t be. With the automation of eRecovery, reward programs are always perfect.

Where did the money go? Rewards tracking made easy. The funders of contingency management always require reports that show where the dollars went – proof they went to patients to reward positive behaviors. With the Rewards Module of eRecovery, this report is available on-demand, with the click of a mouse in the CHESS Dashboard.

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