Government, Public Sector & Tribal.

CHESS Health works with a variety of public sector organizations to address the crisis of Substance Use Disorder:

Departments of Health and Behavioral Health

Departments of Human Services

Tribal Health Programs

Drug Courts

Universities and Public School Systems

Statewide Strategies for Influencing SUD Outcomes

States are dedicated to addressing the needs of their populations with substance use disorder (SUD) to improve health outcomes, alleviate burden on systems, and reduce costs. States grapple with a multitude of formidable challenges, from complex systems and fragmented processes among community stakeholders to the substantial impediments hindering effective communication and care coordination among providers, law enforcement, and wrap-around services. These obstacles, compounded by geographical constraints, co-occurring disorders, and the weight of stigma, further intensify the barriers that patients face access to care and adherence.

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eRecovery & Connections App for community-wide 24/7 recovery support

CHESS Health has worked with states and counties on large, community-wide implementations to improve treatment and recovery outcomes. Often deployed in partnership with local providers and other recovery organizations, the Connections app provides individuals with 24/7 peer recovery support and digital CBT to complement treatment and improve patient retention.

The app includes specialized content and peer support for pregnant and postpartum women with SUD, adolescents, and other special, high-need populations. These state-wide and county-wide implementations have measured high rates of engagement, reduction in relapse risk factors, longer retention in treatment, reduced rates of readmission to a higher level of care, and a better quality of life.

Get more individuals connected to services with eIntervention

Communities are desperate to get more individuals to treatment for addiction and other behavioral health needs in order to stem the crisis of overdoses. The eIntervention solution is a closed-loop referral system specially designed to facilitate referrals between community entities, including clinics, EDs, first responders, schools, and others, with SUD and mental health providers in a community. States and counties have sponsored community-wide deployments of eIntervention that have made referring individuals to treatment easier and, for the first time, provided referral outcomes data.

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