ADAMHS Board in Hancock County Ohio focuses on tackling substance use orders

Hancock County’s Approach to Tackling SUD

Amid a surge in health issues linked to alcohol use during the COVID-19 pandemic, Hancock County, Ohio’s mental health and substance use disorders coalition sought assistance from CHESS Health to expand its impact. The outcome: heightened community engagement and the widespread availability of continuous support and essential resources for county residents.

The Hancock County Board of Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) manages a coalition addressing all substance use disorders—covering prevention, treatment, and recovery support. ADAMHS aimed to educate the community about alcohol addiction and offer more screening services than its staff levels permitted.

The coalition leveraged CHESS Health’s ePrevention and eRecovery Solutions to meet its goal of providing continuous support and essential resources. An innovative publicity campaign increased public awareness, prompting hundreds to complete online screenings. Subsequently, participants were directed to relevant educational materials and other resources based on their responses. When warranted, they were guided to download CHESS Health’s Connections app to access 24/7 support and critical resources within an online community. 

Delve into the voices of resilience from Hancock County, Ohio, as they navigate the challenges of binge drinking and mental health during the pandemic.

“We’re trying to meet people where they are,” explains Dr. Kose, a medical director with the Blanchard Valley Health System and coalition leader. “We’ve learned that you need to have instant access to be able to get help. If you wait till the next day and someone has sobered up or whatever, then you’re not going to get as far with treatment or getting someone to get help. Having help available through the app 24/7 is precious.”

Download the Hancock County ADAMHS Board case study to learn more about their unique challenges, approach to solving these challenges, and the wins they have had to date working with CHESS Health’s solutions.  

We’ve learned that you need to have instant access to be able to get help. Having help available through the app 24/7 is precious.

Dr. Kose, Medical Director

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