The Evidence-Based Technology,
Strategy, and Content to Support
the Entire Addiction Management Lifecycle

Only 10% of individuals with substance use disorder are in treatment. Getting more into treatment, and into treatment sooner, benefits everyone: providers, payers, governments, families and most importantly the patient.

eINTERVENTION transforms the SUD referral process by connecting all relevant entities and addressing the individual’s resistance to and fear of treatment


Indentifies appropriate and available providers


Delivers electronic referrals to designated providers

Connections App

Delivers motivating videos and enables 1:1 messaging to break down resistance to treatment

Referral Tracking

Helps designated providers manage patients from referral to treatment

Intervention Analytics

Delivers insights and details of each intervention, including referrals

eINTERVENTION gets more patients into treatment faster with streamlined electronic referrals, ensuring that those who need treatment find it quickly.
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Reductions in ED high-utilizers
Insights into referral outcomes


Increases referral volume
Digital connection to EDs and PCPs


Adds competitive differentiation
Improves referral close rates

For too many patients, addiction treatment isn’t working. Face-to-face counseling has not been successful enough in teaching the life skills necessary to sustain healthy recovery. Digital behavioral therapy offers greater access and is proven to be more effective.

eTHERAPY delivers cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for substance use disorder (SUD) digitally when and where patients need it. In partnership with Dr. Kathleen Carroll of Yale University, eTHERAPY is comprised of three CBT4CBT programs.

Video Introduction to the CBT4CBT Buprenorphine Program

CBT4CBT for Alcohol
CBT4CBT for Buprenorphine

These digital programs are available via web delivery and smartphone, enabling a patient to complete the programs in clinic, at home, or wherever they are comfortable.



Engaging videos and
online quizzes to teach
coping skills.


Greater abstinence than
TAU (treatment as usual)
based on 6 randomized trials


High patient satisfaction
scores and peer

eTherapy is the solution for more effective and durable CBT delivery
Relapse during and after addiction treatment is a reality with 50-70% of in/out patient treatment episodes either cut short or ending in relapse. With each failure, the patient, their families, payers and society are impacted financially and emotionally.

eRECOVERY combines the patient-facing Connections App with a platform of provider care management functionality, predictive relapse risk indicators, and analytics to reduce relapse.

Provides patients with valuable messaging and motivation for the treatment and recovery journey

Supports the patient care team with patient progress tracking and instant notifications reducing relapse risk

Delivers actionable insights with provider outcome comparisons and trend analysis to identify population

eRecovery has been incorporated into treatment nationally and internationally for five years with consistent, high levels of patient and care team engagement and demonstrated results in clinical studies and customer implementations.

Clinically Validated Results Regarding Treatment
Efficacy and Reduction in Relapse

Evidence of Lower Costs, Improved Quality and Lives Saved
In 6 Randomized Trials, video-based CBT has proven to be:
  • More effective than Treatment as Usual (TAU)
  • More effective than clinician-delivered CBT
  • Durable over 6 months, in every trial
  • 4X the ROI Versus Treatment as Usual
eRecovery added to the recovery process is proven to result in:

31%  fewer patients relapsed

50%  reduction in severity of relapse

71%  reduction in re-hospitalizations

20%  more likely to complete treatment

eRECOVERY Preventing Relapse through Connections, Engagement, and Data