Mental Health & Addiction Association of Oregon (MHAOO) Launches Platform to Support Individuals with Substance Use Disorder

Solution from CHESS Health provides 24/7 support in Oregon communities

Rochester, New York, January 17, 2023 – CHESS Health, the leading provider of service-enabled technology supporting the addiction management and recovery lifecycle, today announced that MHAAO, an inclusive peer-run organization, has launched eRecovery to support individuals with substance use disorder (SUD).

The CHESS platform includes a comprehensive set of digital tools and tech-enabled human support, creating patient-centered care for SUD, mental health services, and social support – all easily accessible through a smartphone. The program is especially needed in the wake of increased overdose deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing lack of access to mental healthcare in Oregon .

MHAAO provides peer support directly and in partnership with many organizations and agencies throughout NW Oregon and beyond. As individuals begin their recovery journey, they will have access to the Connections App from CHESS and 24/7 peer support to help them reduce isolation, gain motivation, build confidence, and adhere to their treatment and recovery plan.  “It is not IF the app will save someone, it is when. Having a community of support from those who are going through something similar, as well as peer support available 24/7 to be there in times of struggle, will be a life saving resource,” says Janie Gullickson, Executive Director for MHAAO.  “Our partnership with CHESS enables us to support individuals throughout their journey, day or night, no matter where they live.”

Peer support through MHAAO can be accessed through a variety of direct and indirect referrals, either from their website or through partner organizations. As Connections (and Spanish-language Conexiones) are rolled out, MHAAO plans to make access to the app a part of the standard onboarding process, which will include helping peers without phones find programs that make mobile phones available at little or no cost.

“It’s essential that recovery support reaches patients where they are,” said Hans Morefield, CEO of CHESS Health.  “That means getting support tools like the Connections app in individuals’ hands as they leave treatment facilities, start outpatient care, or even pre-treatment.  We’re proud to partner with the team at MHAAO – the perfect complement to our technology.”

MHAAO serves peers through a wide variety of self-, direct-, and indirect-referral programs in Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington counties in Oregon. The organization will also be providing direct peer support through the Multnomah County BHRC Day Center in downtown Portland.


About CHESS Health

CHESS Health is the leading provider of evidence-based digital health solutions addressing the individual and societal crisis of substance use disorder (SUD). Solutions are offered in partnership with healthcare providers, community organizations, state and local government, and health plans. CHESS Health solutions span the entire lifecycle of SUD management―from prevention and intervention to treatment and recovery―and are proven to help more individuals enter treatment, improve patient retention, reduce the risk of relapse, and lower the overall cost of care. Through CHESS Health’s current partnerships, statewide initiatives have been implemented across New Mexico, Oklahoma, and West Virginia. For more information, visit www.chess.health.


MHAAO is an inclusive peer-run organization dedicated to self-direction honoring the voice of lived experience.

MHAAO is committed to promoting self-directed recovery and wellness for all individuals. We honor lived experiences. We support people wherever they are on their journey, free from judgment, or agenda.

We support these aims through education, advocacy, recovery peer services, training, technical assistance, community collaboration, and through developing the peer workforce and leadership.

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