Hospitals and Health Systems

"A-Chess gives me the data I need to validate the real ROI of adding addiction management technology to our comprehensive program as a track record of success and we are investing in that."
Monika TaylorDirector of Health ServicesCrouse Health, Syracuse NY

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eIntervention supports Emergency Departments (ED) to better manage and refer patients presenting with drug and alcohol dependence, in order to:

  • Reduce ED over-utilization
  • Find and connect patients with treatment providers & resources in the community
  • Improve the success of post-discharge referrals to SUD providers
  • Gather data and insights into the number of successful referrals and related conversion rates
  • Demonstrate community leadership in addressing the opioid epidemic
  • Generate new revenue from SBIRT reimbursement



"With the addition of these automated tools, we will be able to provide improved care and communication to our patients, which will result in better outcomes for the patients, their families, and our communities."
Jordan Barbour, MPHDirector Of OperationsPsychiatry & Addiction Medicine for Geisinger

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Commercial and Medicaid health plans leverage the A-CHESS Platform to get more members struggling with Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD) into treatment, improve the treatment experience and recovery outcomes, and to gather data about provider community best practices. With A-CHESS payers:

  • Reduce SUD treatment spend by reducing high rates of relapse and re-hospitalization and investment in low-quality providers
  • Reduce ED visits by members struggling with SUD
  • Improve HEDIS quality measure scores related to SUD treatment referral and follow-up
  • Manage other chronic conditions once a member’s substance use is under control
  • Connect members with in-network SUD treatment and wrap-around services in a timely manner
  • Measure and benchmark the provider network
  • Demonstrate leadership and innovation to employer and government buyers of health plans


Rehab Facilities & Detox Centers

"Patients in recovery can experience a lot of social anxiety. With the Connections App, no one feels alone."
Brent Dickerson, CRPARecovery Coach and Peer SpecialistCouncil on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse/Trinity

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Addiction treatment providers use eIntervention to increase their patient volumes and eRecovery to keep patients in treatment and improve short and long-term outcomes. Combined, CHESS Health supports key business objectives, including the need to:

  • Increase revenue
  • Develop ED and Clinic partnerships to attract more referrals
  • Reduce patient relapses and support long-term successful recovery
  • Demonstrate and measure better treatment and recovery outcomes to payers
  • Use technology to create competitive differentiation
  • Make efficient use of recovery coaches and peer specialists
  • Improve post-discharge transitions to lower levels of care


MAT Providers

"A-CHESS helps create a continuum of care between our organization and critical community resources."
Dr. Erik Peterson Midwest Institute for Addiction
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Providers of buprenorphine, naltrexone, and other medication-assisted therapy (MAT) leverage the entire A-CHESS Platform in order to achieve key business goals:

  • Establish Emergency Department and PCP partnerships
  • Increase revenue through more referrals, greater treatment adherence, and fewer appointment no-shows
  • Offer payer-reimbursed digital CBT therapy to patients not interested in traditional talk therapy via eTherapy
  • Reduce relapses and support long-term successful recovery among patients
  • Offer digital communication to extend the reach of the practice beyond the clinic
  • Demonstrate and measure better treatment and recovery outcomes to payers
  • Use technology to create competitive differentiator


State & Local Governments

"Our office is determined to leave no stone unturned in our efforts to combat the opioid epidemic on Staten Island. When my staff presented their research highlighting the effectiveness of the A-CHESS Platform and corresponding smartphone app, it became clear that this tool could be a game-changer for the borough’s treatment community."
James OddoPresidentStaten Island Borough

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State and local governments leverage the full A-CHESS Platform to get more citizens, struggling with substance use disorder (SUD) into treatment. With A-CHESS, recovery outcomes are improved, and patients are connected with other available services, and sponsoring organizations are able to gather data into the broader provider community and best practices, all of which aligns with government objectives including:

  • Reducing the massive societal costs resulting from drug and alcohol addiction, including criminal justice, workforce implications, expanding use of family and children services, and more
  • Addressing pre-mature death from overdose and medical complications of long-term substance use
  • Improving access to care through use of technology
  • Driving down Medicaid spending on SUD treatment by reducing high rates of relapse and re-hospitalization
  • Increasing use of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) while reducing Medicaid spending on ineffective treatments and at low-quality providers
  • Reducing emergency department (ED) visits related to SUD
  • Improve HEDIS quality measure scores related to SUD treatment initiation and follow-up
  • Measure and benchmark the provider network