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Behavioral Health Apps: Catalysts for Transformative Care

CHESS Health CEO Hans Morefield recently took part in a webinar sponsored by The College for Behavioral Health Leadership on the transformative role of behavioral health apps in supporting mental health and lowering the barriers to health care access for those in need. The webinar, moderated by Garrett E. Moran, Ph.D., focused on how apps can fill critical gaps by offering immediate connection for people in crisis, especially in today’s environment with an overtaxed workforce and often long wait times to see a cognitive behavioral therapist. Moran is the principal investigator for the Academy for Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care.  

The webinar highlighted specific examples of behavioral health apps making an impact, including the Connections app, part of CHESS Health’s eRecovery solution. The eRecovery app is designed to support individuals in their daily lives outside of treatment, helping them mitigate risks and stay connected and engaged in their recovery between appointments. Morefield presented details about our evidence-based solutions, which provide digital and human support for both initial and ongoing recovery efforts.  

Morefield noted that this two-pronged combination is particularly important for individuals dealing with substance use disorder and mental health challenges. Moran agreed on the value of having both types of support, adding that apps “do a good job in some cases in delivering evidence-based behavioral health psychotherapies.”  

These versatile apps can serve multiple purposes, from aiding in diagnosis and patient monitoring to providing self-management tools. The apps also can connect users with behavioral health professionals and peer support, which allows the user to receive immediate connection but also engage with long-term therapies with an established provider.  

It was concluded that though this field is in its infancy, it is evolving quickly and shows great promise. The potential for behavioral health apps to revolutionize mental health care and improve access is undeniable, marking an encouraging step towards a more comprehensive and accessible behavioral health landscape.    

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