Hancock County ADAMHS Board Launches Platform to Support Individuals in Treatment and Recovery for Substance Use Disorder

Partnership with CHESS Health provides preventative screening, referral solutions, and 24/7 peer support

Findlay, OH, March 16, 2023 – CHESS Health, the leading provider of evidence-based digital health solutions addressing the individual and societal crisis of substance use disorder (SUD), announced today that Hancock County ADAMHS Board has launched multiple innovative programs to provide ongoing prevention, referral, and recovery support for individuals with SUD.

Through their partnership with CHESS Health, Hancock County ADAMHS Board provides anyone in the community with an anonymous, 10-question screener to assess alcohol use. Based on the individual’s answers, the tool will provide tailored tips, resources, encouragement, and the opportunity to self-refer to a healthcare provider for treatment, if applicable.  Studies show that individuals may be more honest responding to an anonymous and private screener, alleviating the fear of judgment. Individuals will also have the opportunity to download the Connections App, which allows individuals in recovery from SUD to connect with each other, access a team of certified peer recovery support specialists, and find robust digital tools 24 hours a day, seven days a week via their smartphones.

The Connections App helps individuals reduce isolation, build confidence and adhere to a treatment and recovery plan. The peer recovery specialists available via the app all have lived experience and moderate online discussion groups to provide help for those feeling at risk for relapse or looking for additional support. Using the Connections app is correlated with a 40% to 50% reduction in key relapse risk factors and a 20% increase in the duration of treatment.

“Our partnership with CHESS Health enables us to support individuals throughout their journey, day or night, no matter where they live,” said Precia Stuby, director of the ADAMHS Board.

“It’s essential that recovery support reaches patients where they are,” said Hans Morefield, CEO of CHESS Health. “That means getting support tools like the Connections app in individuals’ hands as they leave treatment facilities, start outpatient care, or even pre-treatment. We are proud to partner with the Hancock County ADAMHS Board team.”


About CHESS Health

CHESS Health is the leading provider of evidence-based digital health solutions addressing the individual and societal crisis of substance use disorder (SUD). Solutions are offered in partnership with healthcare providers, community organizations, state and local government, and health plans. CHESS Health solutions span the entire lifecycle of SUD management―from prevention and intervention to treatment and recovery―and are proven to help more individuals enter treatment, improve patient retention, reduce the risk of relapse, and lower the overall cost of care. Through CHESS Health’s current partnerships, statewide initiatives have been implemented across New Mexico, Oklahoma, and West Virginia. For more information, visit www.chess.health

About the Hancock County (Ohio) Board of Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services

ADAMHS is the local mental health and substance use services planning authority for Hancock County. It is a public body comprised of voluntary members who share a deep commitment to how our local community works together to meet the mental health and substance use treatment and recovery needs of our neighbors, friends, and loved ones. For more information, visit www.yourpathtohealth.org.