Arbor Place Inc. Partners with CHESS Health to Automate Contingency Management

Financial Incentives Create ‘Greater Client Adherence,’ says Top Arbor Place Executive

MENOMONIE, Wisc. – Arbor Place Inc. announced today that it would expand its use of financial incentives to individuals struggling with a stimulant use disorder as part of a 12-week treatment component, becoming one of the first in the nation to do so in partnership with CHESS Health, the leading provider of digital health solutions addressing substance use disorder (SUD).

The incentives are delivered via CHESS Health’s Rewards module, a contingency management feature that is part of its clinically proven eRecovery solution.  

The Rewards module allows Arbor Place to reinforce an individual’s positive behavioral changes such as abstinence from stimulants, completion of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) lessons, and adherence to overall treatment plans. Contingency management is considered an effective behavioral intervention for initiating and maintaining abstinence, particularly for individuals with a stimulant use disorder. 

“Arbor Place is thrilled to have achieved greater client adherence to SUD treatment plans since we started with the Rewards module in March 2023 by using it in connection with our four-week motivational enhancement treatment group,” said Jill Gamez, executive director of Arbor Place. “Through our partnership with CHESS Health and the use of the Rewards module, we can now expand the implementation of this effective treatment approach within a more comprehensive framework for clients with a stimulant use disorder. It will allow our staff to spend more time providing essential services to our clients, and not the cumbersome tasks of manually managing and administering the sometimes-disparate elements of a contingency management program.”

The Rewards module allows for CHESS Health partners to define their own criteria for incentives and determine specific rewards as well as delivery methods. The module automates any Rewards program, from enrollment to reward payments to financial tracking. Partners are also able to measure the program’s impact on patient behavior, retention in treatment, sobriety streaks and other clinical outcomes.

The Rewards module is a component of CHESS Health’s eRecovery solution, which also includes its evidence-based Connections mobile app. That app offers moderated peer support and on-demand CBT programs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition to the Rewards module and the Connections App, Arbor Place Inc. also utilizes CHESS Health’s eIntervention treatment referral platform and Connections Text, which allows first responders and others to have CHESS Health’s peer-recovery support specialists link individuals with SUD to necessary treatment and services.

“Arbor Place is a vital community provider serving Menomonie, Dunn County and surrounding communities,” said Hans Morefield, CHESS Health CEO. “We’re proud that they are leveraging our platform of solutions, backed by our 24/7 peer-support team, to efficiently get more individuals with SUD to initiate treatment and then improve their long-term recovery outcomes.”     


About Arbor Place, Inc.

The mission of Arbor Place, Inc. is to provide prevention, treatment and renewal opportunities to individuals, families and communities impacted by substance use and mental health disorders. We hold the basic belief in the dignity and worth of each human being. We recognize that this sense of dignity and self-worth often is lost or suffers when individuals are struggling with substance use and mental health disorders. One of the primary goals of Arbor Place, Inc. is to insure the right of self-determination, the ability to regain control over one’s life and the individual’s re-involvement in the family, the family of the community and society within a lifestyle based on recovery. For more information, visit www.arborplaceinc.org.

About CHESS Health

CHESS Health is the leading provider of evidence-based digital health solutions addressing the individual and societal crisis of substance use disorder (SUD). Solutions are offered in partnership with healthcare providers, community organizations, state and local government, and health plans. The CHESS Health platform spans the entire lifecycle of SUD management―from prevention and intervention to treatment and recovery―and is proven to achieve higher abstinence rates, reduce the risk of relapse and lower the overall cost of care. Through CHESS Health’s current partnerships, statewide initiatives have been implemented across New Mexico, Oklahoma and West Virginia. For more information, visit www.chess.health.

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