Christine Minhee explores how opioid settlement funds, totaling $1.5 billion, are allocated by state and local governments.

The 2024 Snapshot of States’ and Localities’ Opioid Settlement Spend

Presenter: Christine Minhee, JD, Founder of

In 2023, state and local governments received a significant $1.5 billion influx of funds from settlements with major companies involved in the opioid crisis. This funding, initially nebulous, quickly became a crucial resource for combating addiction. Christine Minhee, the driving force behind, oversees the monitoring of these funds. 

In Ms. Minhee’s recent webinar, a 2024 Snapshot of State and Local Opioid Settlement Spending, she covered three key points:

  1. Overview of current state: Understanding the overall landscape of settlements. 
  2. Analysis of settlement agreements: Contrasting the requirements with actual actions taken by states and localities. 
  3. Recommendations for effective spending. 

Additionally, Ms. Minhee offered practical tips for navigating to stay updated on agreements and expenditures.