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CHESS Health is dedicated to helping more people get into treatment and find meaningful connections that enable them to achieve lasting recovery from substance use disorder. Real and lasting recovery is why we do what we do.

Addressing Inequities in Substance Use Disorder Treatment

While this gap exists among people of all races, it’s greatest amongst minorities. For example, a startling 90% of African Americans and 92% of Latino individuals diagnosed with SUD did not receive addiction treatment.

My Experience as a Peer Support Specialist

This is where peer support comes in. Receiving guidance from someone who’s walked a similar path and come out on the other side can help improve an individual’s outlook and motivation towards recovery.
Prevention Screening

We Need to Fix the SUD Screening Gap

The Troubling History of Substance Use Disorder Our relationship with substances has been documented for centuries. Many substances, including opium, cannabis, cocaine, and alcohol were used for medicinal and religious purposes, and only later devolved into recreational use and overconsumption and dependence. Today, this has led to about 4.2 million people who meet the criteria…
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The Essential Role of Peer Support for SUD Recovery

The path from initiating treatment for addiction can feel lonely and frightening. To help, many organizations are partnering with individuals who have gone through treatment themselves to ensure that new clients with substance use disorder have someone to turn to—someone who has been through a similar experience. 
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Peer Support for Starting Treatment for SUD

No matter how you look at them, the numbers surrounding Substance Use Disorder aren’t good – and they’re getting worse.  It’s estimated that fewer than one in ten people with an SUD get treatment.

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