Lightning Step Partners with CHESS Health to Provide Evidence-Based Support for People in Recovery

HOUSTON – Lightning Step has announced a partnership with CHESS Health, the leading provider of evidence-based digital health solutions for substance use disorder (SUD), which will allow clients to seamlessly connect at intake or discharge to online tools that will help them stay in treatment and recovery.

Through a free one-click add-on, Lightning Step will be integrated with CHESS Health’s Connections smartphone app.

In clinical trials and in provider implementations, individuals using the Connections app completed Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) treatment 20% more often and stayed in outpatient treatment 37 more days, on average. CHESS Health’s platform has contributed to individuals staying in treatment longer, reducing relapse risk factors, extending sobriety and lowering the total cost of care.

“Patient care does not stop at discharge,” said Kirk Monroe, CEO of Lightning Step, whose mission is to empower behavioral health and addiction treatment facilities to streamline patient care and improve outcome reporting. “We understand the value of ongoing care and how it affects outcome reporting and we are thrilled to offer CHESS Health to our client facilities of all sizes.”

CHESS Health CEO Hans Morefield said, “Ongoing connection and support are critical to long-term recovery from SUD. The Connections App, backed by our team of peer specialists, complements outpatient treatment by supporting clients 24/7 between treatment visits to increase therapy retention and long-term outcomes.”

To learn more about Lightning Step’s enterprise solution for behavioral health and addiction treatment centers, visit the website.

About Lightning Step

Lightning Step partners have over 100 years of collective experience as owners, clinicians, sales leads, and accountants in the psychiatric and substance abuse treatment field. Based on personal and professional experiences, Lightning Step provides an integrated CRM, EMR, and RCM platform designed for behavioral health and addiction treatment centers, helping operators to streamline patient care from intake to discharge, improving interdepartmental workflow, operational efficiencies, and patient outcomes.

About CHESS Health

CHESS Health is the leading provider of evidence-based digital health solutions addressing the individual and societal crisis of substance use disorder (SUD). Solutions are offered in partnership with healthcare providers, community organizations, state and local government, and health plans. The CHESS Health platform spans the entire lifecycle of SUD management―from prevention and intervention to treatment and recovery―and is proven to achieve higher abstinence rates, reduce the risk of relapse and lower the overall cost of care. For more information, visit www.chess.health.