Digital Tools Advance Huther Doyle, CHESS Health Towards Successful Treatments for Substance Use Disorder

Treatment Center Staff Integrate A-CHESS Into Patient Treatment Plans for More Customized, 24-Hour Care to Address Isolation, Provide Needed Supportive Peer Connections

Rochester, New York, (Date) — CHESS Health, the leading provider of addiction management technology, has begun working with Huther Doyle, an outpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment Center, to advance treatment goals and bring sobriety to the Center’s patients struggling with SUD.

“Paper charts are not a thing anymore—we have to keep up with the times,” says Kelly Reed, president of Huther Doyle. “All clients have cell phones, and CHESS Health’s tools allow us to harness those phones and help bring treatment and support to our clients wherever and whenever they need it.”

The A-CHESS Platform for relapse prevention and care coordination, and its companion, the Connections smartphone app, leverage relapse analytics and condition-specific content to enable patients and their caregivers to connect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It helps facilitate proactive, continuous engagement and faster intervention.

Huther Doyle’s staff of 20 counselors use A-CHESS to review patient data reports, prepare for group and individual sessions with patients, administer patient surveys and engage in individual and group messaging to inspire and support patients. In turn, patients use the messaging and other features to support one another, manage appointment and medication reminders, and reach out to counselors as needed.

“The underlying philosophy of CHESS is that technology, especially in the hands of patients, must be part of a multi-faceted approach to the treatment of substance use disorder,”
says Hans Morefield, chief executive officer of CHESS Health. “We are delighted to work with Huther Doyle to help its patients cope with the challenges they face on their treatment and recovery journey.”

Since deploying the CHESS Health platform in June 2018, Huther Doyle staff has seen marked improvement in many of their patients. Over a two-month period, one patient has shown a 13-point improvement on his Brief Addiction Monitor, a progress-monitoring instrument widely used by behavior and substance abuse treatment counselors.

“We have much better insight into what is really happening with our patients when they are not in session,” says Deborah Ball, outpatient director. “At the same time, our patients understand that treatment doesn’t end when they walk out our door. Now we can tell if the tools we gave them are being used and are successful.”

About Chess Health

CHESS Health creates innovative solutions designed at the intersection of science, technology and recovery. Founded by substance abuse researcher Dr. Dave Gustafson of the University of Wisconsin, CHESS offers A-CHESS, a platform for addiction management focused on increasing the number of individuals in treatment, reducing the relapse rate of those in treatment, and supporting long-term, successful recovery. To learn more about CHESS Health and the A-CHESS platform, visit

About Huther Doyle Treatment Center

Huther Doyle Treatment Center was founded in 1977 by George Huther Jr. to help individuals and their families overcome the burden of addiction in their lives. The outpatient treatment center offers a variety of services including; MAT, dual diagnosis treatment, Spanish speaking counseling staff, case management, and childcare services for caregivers who are attending counseling sessions. It is part of the Recovery NET PPS project, a collaboration of 7 Rochester-area SUD providers dedicated to increasing accessibility to care and providing quality evidence-based services.

To learn more about Huther Doyle, visit