CHESS Health and Delphi Drug and Alcohol Council Team Up to Address Substance Abuse Epidemic

Partnership Brings Technology-enabled Relapse Prevention to Treatment Collaborative

ROCHESTER, New York – March 23, 2018 – CHESS Health, a leading provider of addiction and relapse prevention solutions, today announced it has partnered with RecoveryNet, a collaborative of eight community-based agencies, to help address substance abuse disorders in the Rochester, New York area. The partnership will focus on the Open Access Clinic, a 24/7 treatment facility staffed by the RecoveryNet partners. The CHESS relapse prevention app know as A-CHESS will be integrated into the clinic’s treatment program.

The A-CHESS Platform including the Connections smartphone app, uses relapse analytics and condition-specific content to enable patients and their care teams including peer specialists to connect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This facilitates proactive, continuous engagement and faster intervention.

“We appreciate the opportunity to be part of the innovative treatment program created the RecoveryNet Collaborative,” said Hans Morefield, chief executive officer at CHESS Health. “It is essential for recovery success that patients have around-the-clock post-treatment support to help prevent relapse, which is the reason we developed the A-CHESS app.”

“There’s an epidemic going on and we have to embrace a wider range of evidence-based practices if we are to have an impact,” said Carl HatchFeir, chief executive officer at Delphi Drug and Alcohol Council and president of the RecoveryNet Collaborative. “Addiction treatment won’t work if it doesn’t extend beyond the traditional healthcare system. It needs to be community-based and centered around the patient. A-CHESS is an excellent fit for this care model.”

The Open Access Clinic is part of the RecoveryNet Collaborative, a coalition of eight community-based providers certified by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS). RecoveryNet is led by Delphi Drug and Alcohol Council and has been recognized by OASAS for its innovative treatment model.

About CHESS Health

CHESS Health creates innovative solutions designed at the intersection of science, technology and recovery. Founded by nationally recognized substance abuse researcher Dr. Dave Gustafson, CHESS developed A-CHESS, the leading evidence-based relapse prevention technology. By integrating A-CHESS into treatment plans, clinicians, case managers and coaches can best support those in recovery with access to predictive relapse analytics, condition-specific content and access to live support, reducing relapse by 50 percent while decreasing costs and saving lives. Founded in 2014, CHESS Health has quickly positioned itself as a leader in the mHealth space, receiving recognition from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP), the Journal of Substance Abuse and the Surgeon General. To learn more about CHESS Health and the A-CHESS platform, visit

About Delphi Drug and Alcohol Council

Delphi Drug and Alcohol Council, Inc. (Delphi) is a community-based behavioral health agency, serving Rochester and the Finger Lakes since 1936, with Outpatient Treatment Program, School-based Prevention Education and Counseling, Monroe County Reentry Services, Mental Health First Aid training provider, Supported Forensic Housing, Domestic Violence Education, Case Management in Rochester JDP Court, and Care Management Services as a NYS Department of Health – Health Homes Care Provider Agency. Delphi is also the lead agency for RecoveryNet’s Open Access Clinic, providing on-demand substance abuse evaluations.