NJC: Addiction app milestone report

The Neighbourhood Justice Centre’s (NJC) trial of eRecovery, an alcohol and drug relapse prevention app, is part of this quiet revolution in drug and alcohol treatment.

eRecovery is a smartphone app that provides 24/7 access to support services, customised content, ways to avoid risky situations, and an easy way to reach out for help when a client is in crisis. We’re using it in conjunction with our traditional alcohol and other drug (AOD) support services and testing how the app improves clinical care.

We’re the first court in Australia to trial this approach., and we’re  interested in testing eRecovery’s effectiveness in preventing relapse and harm and also as a tool for clinicians to better support AOD clients.

The trial began in February 2019 and the University of Melbourne is our research partner.

To find out more about the trial read the full post here, or watch the video below.