Innovations in Telehealth for Justice-Involved Individuals with Substance Use Disorder

Amid the challenges posed by the pandemic, the Marietta Municipal Court, in collaboration with the Addiction Policy Forum and the Foundation for Opioid Response Efforts (FORE), recognized the pressing need to extend support and services to justice-involved individuals grappling with substance use disorder (SUD). In response, they embarked on a telehealth initiative to enhance access to care for this vulnerable population.

The Marietta Municipal Court telehealth pilot was designed to address the unique needs of justice-involved individuals with substance use disorder during the pandemic. To complement their telehealth program, participants were given access to the Connections app, including Digital CBT modules.  Additionally, the program offered a range of recovery support services facilitated by the Addiction Policy Forum, including weekly forums, support groups, and peer/social worker sessions.

Participants reported significant improvements in sleep; work, school, and volunteering participation; confidence in their recovery/abstinence; and, increased time around
supportive people.

Key Findings.

  • Participants reported 40 to 50% improvements in sleep; work, school, and volunteering participation

Read the full case study of how they developed a robust safety net for justice-involved individuals with substance use disorder, ensuring continuity of care and support during these unprecedented times.