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CHESS Health is dedicated to helping more people get into treatment and find meaningful connections that enable them to achieve lasting recovery from substance use disorder. Real and lasting recovery is why we do what we do.

A Family Resource Practioner’s Approach to Breaking the Cycle of Addiction

A Family Resource Practitioner’s Approach to Breaking the Cycle of Addiction

Breann Hudson lives and works in a place most Americans associate with otherworldly happenings – New Mexico’s Chaves County is home to the city of Roswell of flying saucer fame. Hudson, however, is all too familiar with the county’s worldly ills – twin cycles of blinding poverty and addiction. This sprawling, arid county is home…
virtual support meetings for addicts and SUD clients

Virtual Support Meetings Offer Critical Recovery Support

Jeff Blackburn knows the critical importance of virtual connection in recovery from personal experience. After many turbulent years of incarceration and struggling with addiction, he completed a long-term recovery program and turned his life around. In February 2020, Blackburn began working as a peer coach at a facility for others in recovery. Just four months…
The Daunting Task of Allocating Opioid Settlement Funds

The Daunting Task of Allocating Opioid Settlement Funds

Local and state decision-makers across America, specifically those charged with allocating national opioid settlement dollars, face a daunting task: They must determine how to meaningfully spend the $54 billion in opioid settlement funds now flowing over 18 years. The funds are a result of legal agreements with the 14 major pharmaceutical opioid manufacturers, distributors, and…
Navigating Opioid Settlement Fund Distribution

Navigating Opioid Settlement Fund Distribution

Over the next 15 years, state, local, and tribal authorities will have the opportunity to receive funds from a pool of more than $54 billion in opioid settlement funding. As those dollars begin to flow, recipients of the funds are tasked with identifying trustworthy partners who offer demonstrated solutions that are aligned with the spending…
Rewards Module Simplifies Incentive Programs for Patients

Rewards Module Simplifies Incentive Programs for Patients

Rewards are among the most effective incentives for individuals in treatment and recovery for substance use disorder (SUD), but the difficulty in creating and managing these programs often prevents providers from implementing them. In a system already stressed by staffing shortages, providers want to use evidence-based solutions that work, but lack the resources to build…
A community approach to addressing binge drinking in Hancock County Ohio. Real Stories. Real Impact

A Community Approach to Addressing Binge Drinking

Real Stories. Real Impact. Voices from Hancock County Like many parts of the country, Hancock County, Ohio experienced increased alcohol use and its corresponding health issues, during the pandemic. Isolation, illness, disruptions in work and school, and limited access to health care and mental health services took their toll in this community in northwestern Ohio,…
digital app to support those navigating mental health and substance use disorders

Behavioral Health Apps: Catalysts for Transformative Care

CHESS Health CEO Hans Morefield recently took part in a webinar sponsored by The College for Behavioral Health Leadership on the transformative role of behavioral health apps in supporting mental health and lowering the barriers to health care access for those in need. The webinar, moderated by Garrett E. Moran, Ph.D., focused on how apps…
National Recovery Month graphic

Heroes in Recovery: Kassandra

As we continue our month long celebration of National Recovery Month, we are honored to be able to share Kassandra’s story. Kassandra is a credentialed Peer Recovery Support Specialist at CHESS Health. She’s a 32-year-old Arizona native with four children ranging from almost 2 years old to 14 years old. Kassandra’s in long-term recovery with…
National Recovery Month graphic

Heroes in Recovery: Dwayne

In honor of National Recovery Month, we are celebrating recovery heroes. We recognize the individuals who embody the qualities that inspire and guide others toward a path of healing and growth in an effort to remove the stigma associated with treatment and recovery from substance use disorder (SUD). Dwayne Blair is a credentialed Peer Recovery…

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